Summer Hack 2018: Tamagotchi Pet Challenge

Warm Up

Start by learning some micro:bit features with these exercises.

  1. Can you code a game of Rock-paper-scissors? Learn Shake and Random
  2. Can you make your Rock-paper-scissors into a multiplayer game? Learn Forever Loop and Radio Communication
  3. Finally, complete the micro:bit Digital Pet Tutorial.
    Things to learn:
    • Input → Condition.
    • Create a Function and display Image.
    • Pause.

Make your Tamagotchi Pet!

Now using these skills, you should be ready to create your own pet (or monster)! To help you think about what you need to do, we’ve factored the challenge into some smaller tasks:

  • Task 1:​ Can you program your pet to display several different faces for different emotions or needs?
  • Task 2:​ Can you program it to tell you it’s hungry and needs feeding after a set time, say, 60 seconds? (Hint: input → running time)
  • Task 3: ​Can you program it to need exercise, so you have to take it for a walk of, say, 25 paces? (Hint: Use the Shake feature)
  • Task 4:​ Can you program it to respond to another micro:bit Tamagotchi as though they were friends? (Hint: Radio communication)
  • Task 5: ​Can you make it move? Learn how to connect servo, light sensor, build a movable body.