How to Attend Prewired

If you would like to attend Prewired, please:

  1. Complete the Membership Form below. This is important so that we can collect important things like emergency contact information. You only need to do this once.
  2. Once we have your membership details, just go ahead and book a place for individual Prewired sessions on Eventbrite.
  3. Subscribe to our mailing list to keep up to date with notices and events.
  4. Turn up!
    • Check yourself in on the registration list using the tablet at the front desk — someone at the desk will help you if necessary.
    • If you have never coded before, or have but don’t know what to do, no problem! Introduce yourself to the Duty Mentor (who should be easy to spot) when you arrive, and they’ll help you to get started.
    • If you’re already working on a coding project (maybe you’re building your own website), or learning a topic by yourself and are happy to carry on with that, cool beans. Make yourself at home and ask any of our volunteers if you need help (they’ll be wearing lanyards), or you can put your hand up and someone will spot you).

Membership Form