Summer Hack 2018 Projects

Summer Hack 2018 took place on July 23rd–27th 2018 at CodeBase, 38 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh.


The teams all decided to pick one of the following two challenges:

Cyber Security Challenge (Civic Digits)

Create a game or an app to help someone who doesn’t know or think about cyber security

Imagine someone who never really thinks about cyber security and isn’t aware of any threat online. How could you engage them? What would be the most fun, provocative or interesting way to do either of the following?

  • Tell someone something about how to stay safe online
  • Encourage them to find out for themselves.

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Robot Airport Assistant (Skyscanner)

Make a Lego robot to guide passengers to different locations in a (mocked-up) airport, help them with their luggage, buy presents to take home, warn when their flight is boarding. Keep a record of who the passengers are and where they are going.

Team Projects

Five teams created projects during the week — brief descriptions below.


Calum, Logan, Reuben and Gregor

Earthbound: A Mario-type game that incentivizes users to enter private data in order to skip levels and finally warns them of the dangers of disclosing this data.

Project code

Coffee Cup

Cameron, Cerys and Ruaridh

SKYBorg: A Mindstorms robot to help elderly / limited-mobility passengers to reach different destinations in an airport.

Project code Slides


Beccie, Christina and Tom

Glitch: A game that walks users through the process of registering for and using a social media platform in order to highlight the data privacy risks.


Team Rocket

Bruce, Luca, Kiran and Theo

Cyberstrike: A visual novel, including mini-games, designed to give information about cyber security to an alien from Planet Zorg. Lily shows the alien how to use Google maps and social media to find its friend.

Project code

Experienced Amateurs

Andrew, Charlie, Kenneth, Sandy and Robert

AirBuddy: A robot assistant that uses line-following and a text-based interface to guide people through an airport.

Project code


First Prize (Arduino Ultimate Starter Kits, sponsored by Airts):


Second Prize (micro:bit Project Kits, sponsored by Float):

Experienced Amateurs

Civic Digits Cyber Security Prize:


Code Quality Prize:

Experienced Amateurs