Prewired is run by volunteers on a shoestring budget. Keeping young people enthused about programming is really important, so if you’d like to help us keep going, read on to find out what we need.

Please email hello[at]prewired.org if you or the company you work for might be able to help us out with any of items mentioned below.

Also, please make sure you’re happy with our sponsorship policy before you agree to donate anything.


Although we have a good stock of laptops, thanks to generous donations from various sources, we are always on the lookout for new equipment, including small devices.


If you’re a company with employees to spare on Wednesday evenings, send them along to CodeBase as volunteers!

Work Experience

Many of our young people are at secondary school and have mandatory work experience coming up. These usually last one week. Some of the placements can be pretty rubbish. We think it would be really beneficial to be able to send them to a software company rather than something they’re not really interested in. Can your company host an enthusiastic young coder for a week in spring/summer? We’re building up a database so that we can pair young people with good placements when the time comes.


Sometimes we hold special hackathons, usually in the school holidays, and we want to give out small prizes for the projects the young people work on. Nothing expensive, just a token of appreciation. Programming books? A fancy gaming mouse? Geeky T-shirts? Suggestions and contributions are very welcome!

Sponsorship policy

Prewired is an independent, non-political organisation. Views of organisers, volunteers and participants are our own and will be neither directed nor constrained by our sponsors. Our sponsors do not and will not influence how Prewired runs as an organisation and have no hand in its management.

We are not under any obligation to endorse any of the products or services of our sponsors. Where our volunteers make recommendations, they are based on merit alone.

Since we wish to encourage our participants to think independently, we do not support advertising targeted at them. We refrain from asking for, or handing out, branded merchandise or marketing material from any of our sponsors, except where products are of particular use or benefit to participants. We hope that sponsors choose to support us for the benefit of the participants and the positive impact our activities may have on their future, rather than for personal, organisational or commercial gain.

We continue to be grateful for any support we have been given, financially or in-kind. Without this we couldn’t sustain our offerings or aim to grow in the future.