Programming a micro:bit at the Eagle Lab

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On the 21st March I went to the Eagle Lab to program a micro:bit. It was run by two helpers who work at Barclays called Trish and James. 4 other kids from Prewired were there. We programmed a micro:bit to say what we want, I made mine say **3* KISSY FACE!!! We did it in Python (a programming language). We used if and while commands and made a game where you have to click the button that the arrow points to on the micro:bit, it’s really hard!

We laser-cut a case with our names on it and then we built the case. We got to keep the micro:bit and the case, the laser cutter was really smelly but fun to watch. I took it into school and everyone was impressed. I dropped it and the case fell apart but you can easily fix it and if you lose or break pieces you can laser-cut more bits.

It was really fun and if I get the opportunity I will definitely do it again and I would recommend it to anyone else who wants to try it.