Child protection policy

All mentors must sign that they have read this child protection policy and agree to comply with it.

Code of Conduct

  • All children, parents and volunteers are treated with respect and courtesy; exclusion, bullying, disrespect or abuse will not be tolerated.
  • Mentors, participants or parents noticing anything wrong or with any concerns should report them to the Duty Mentor who will take appropriate action.


  • All bookings must be made through Eventbrite (see Registration) and each arriving participant will be signed into the venue from the booking list.
  • Each parent or participant must complete the Membership Form, including emergency contact details and any known illnesses, allergies or special requirements. The Duty Mentor will be made aware of these details each week.


  • Prewired is attended by mentors from local universities, companies and community groups. A majority of mentors hold Disclosure.
  • Prewired session activities are confined to a single open space and no child will be unsupervised at any time.
  • Parents must accompany children under 11 years old.
  • New attendees are met and welcomed by a mentor who will help them to get started on a project that interests them.
  • All attendees are made aware of how mentors may be identified.
  • Younger children wishing to use the toilets must be accompanied by their parent or responsible adult.
  • Where children are not accompanied by a parent, any problems involving coding (e.g., being unwell or upset) are dealt with by the Duty Mentor.
  • Mentors will monitor the activities of children working independently to ensure they are not accessing inappropriate online content.
  • At least two mentors will remain at the venue until all children have been collected by guardians or left to go home at the end of the session.


  • Interested volunteers must contact Prewired organisers before attending their first session and introduce themselves to the Duty Mentor on arrival.
  • Mentors must be registered in our database.
  • Mentors must be identifiable to parents and children by wearing a mentor lanyard or T-shirt.
  • The Duty Mentor is nominated for each session and must hold Disclosure.


  • The Prewired Facebook page are only open to participants, parents and active mentors and is moderated by a member of the Prewired management committee.
  • Mentors are instructed not to communicate with participants in private email messages or any other form of private medium, and must only use the public/moderated communications mechanisms above.


  • Snacks provided at each session may include crisps, biscuits, fruit, nuts and fruit juice. There will be no fizzy/sugary drinks, energy drinks, alcohol or sweets. Mentors are instructed to not share food with participants which has not been provided by Prewired.